Join the 80JILI VIP Club – Discover VIP Perks

Surely you have heard of the 80JILI VIP program? Currently, among many bookmakers competing fiercely in the online betting market, 80JILI is the unit that provides the most attractive VIP program for all members who have registered and deposited money into their accounts. Let’s learn more about this VIP program.

What is the 80JILI VIP program?

What is the 80JILI VIP program?

Surely, many of you will be interested in hearing about this program at 80JILI. Just visit our latest link. The important thing is to register to become a member and log in to the homepage. 

You can easily find information about the VIP program on our homepage. This program aims to create a completely new environment with the most exclusive services, available only to players who have reached the VIP level of the 80JILI brand.

The main mission of the VIP level program is to provide high-level bettors at the bookmaker with the opportunity to receive the most professional customer service and the most extensive betting ecosystem on both the mobile app and the website.

To become a VIP-level club player, players need to work hard to accumulate betting revenue and achieve high rankings in the bookmaker’s attractive betting options, after becoming a VIP player by accessing our standard link. Be sure to contact the VIP level club immediately to register and go through the assessment process to qualify for rewards.

The VIP level of 80JILI is where the highest level members gather and is our way of thanking the contributions and dedication of VIP members.

How to join VIP level 80JILI?

How to join VIP level 80JILI?

After accessing the link and participating in betting at 80JILI, you still cannot immediately participate in the brand’s VIP program. After registering, the bookmaker will start to calculate statistics for you from the first bet. Regardless of how much you bet, big or small, it is important that the player participates in betting regularly and diligently. The bookmaker will add up the total amount of bets accumulated over a period of time.

In addition, your active participation will be recognized when you access the VIP 80JILI link. On the phone system or access the standard link on the website to log in to the homepage. With a regular presence on the homepage, you will also be fully counted.

After meeting the above conditions, you will usually be invited by the bookmaker to join the club’s VIP level program. Or you can proactively contact the 80JILI brand to register to become a VIP member and receive many exclusive offers.

VIP level when rejoining the 80JILI brand

VIP level when rejoining the 80JILI brand

Once you have become a VIP player after joining our system. You will be ranked according to different VIP levels according to the regulations of the 80JILI bookie.

For new players who access and participate in betting, you will only be assigned a green level by the bookie. Particularly for the VIP level program, there are 3 main levels for you to strive for, which are gold, platinum and diamond.

Gold VIP Level

With the gold level, within 1 month of downloading the app, log in and become a green level member when participating in betting. You will be counted by the 80JILI brand as a total bet of $500.

If you reach this milestone or more, the bookmaker will upgrade you to the gold level. With this level, you will receive the following incentives: 0.33% cashback on sports options, 0.30% on online casino, 0.25% on gambling games, bonus points period lasts 90 days.

Platinum VIP Level

Platinum VIP Level

With the platinum level, the bookmaker still counts the betting turnover within 30 days from the time you become the gold level. The minimum total bet you must accumulate is $1500.

If you become a platinum VIP level, you will receive the following incentives: 0.38% refund for sports options, 0.70% for online casino, 0.70% for slots, bonus points period lasts 120 days.

Diamond VIP Level

With the diamond level, with this level, we will actively invite you when you access the link to 80JILI. That is, we will consider throughout the long process both the frequency of participating in betting. The total amount of bets as well as the number of wins to consider the conditions to become a diamond VIP member.

If you become a diamond VIP level, you will receive the following incentives: 0.45% cashback on sports options, 0.80% on online casino, 1% on gambling games, a bonus point period of 180 days and a personal support specialist.

Accumulate bonus points at 80JILI VIP

Accumulate bonus points at 80JILI VIP

With the validity period of VIP member bonus points after you become an 80JILI VIP member. There will be different differences depending on the level. Of course, with diamond VIP members, after the redemption period, your rewards will be the longest.

With the number of accumulated bonus points corresponding to the playing level, you will use them to redeem rewards on our homepage. The redemption category at the house is arranged into a separate bonus point club. You can refer to the 80JILI VIP homepage.

With each bonus point, you will be able to convert it into a number of valuable prizes such as: fossil watches, swiss watches, ipads, phones or wireless Apple keyboards.

Benefits of becoming a VIP member

After accessing, logging into your account and becoming a VIP member of the house will be able to receive many benefits, specifically as follows:

  •  VIP members will receive special privileges for receiving rewards in refund promotions, deposit bonuses and winners.
  • You will receive incentives when participating in betting with the best refund rate
  • VIP will accumulate points to redeem valuable gifts.
  • You will enjoy the most professional customer care service.

Frequently Asked Questions About 80JILI Vip Membership

Frequently Asked Questions About 80JILI Vip Membership

How to register for Vip membership?

You will accumulate betting points from the time you become a member of the bookmaker. If you meet the requirements, you will be invited to join by the bookmaker.

How long is VIP membership?

The duration ranges from 90 days to 180 days depending on the VIP level.

Can I buy a vip membership card?

Currently, VIP membership is only granted to personal accounts. And there is no VIP card yet. Therefore, you cannot buy it yet.